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Sunglasses for Summer 2014

Best Designer SunGlassesWhy do I need to get the best designer sunglasses in 2014? The skin is not the only part of the body at risk to the sun’s damaging rays. Your hair can get dry and brittle. Your eyes, if unprotected, can develop cataracts and other eye disorders.

UV rays can damage the retina of your eyes, and since the harmful effects of radiation is cumulative, you can expect further damage the longer you expose your eyes unprotected under the sun. Macular degeneration can come out later in life and is said to be one of the leading causes of blindness in older adults.

So sunglasses are not only a fashion statement, they will also protect your eyes from those armful UV rays.

Here is a very nice looking sunglasses for all you movie buff out there, the Officially Licensed Men In Black 3(TM) Sunglasses.

Ray-ban Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren 2014 Sunglasses

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's 0Ph3042 Metal Sunglasses,Silver/Black Frame/Grey Green Lens,one sizeRalph Lauren is the widely known American designer to emerge from the last century. Everyone likes his modest inception and the way he upholds the American style in all of the merchandise that bear his name. Ralph Lauren glasses feature this fashion tendency of the designer, which is quite laid-back but still very elegant.

The line of spectacles from Ralph Lauren is very convenient that old and young, men and women can wear them for their prescription eyeglasses. Whether you must have corrective lenses for astigmatism, or Varifocals (also called progressive lenses) or reading lenses, Ralph Lauren can make your visual impairment completely fashionable without going overboard.

The frames come in many different shapes, hues and designs adjust to the specific characteristics of the wearers. They are also made of high-grade materials that make them sturdy enough to last a really long time.

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s 0Ph3042 Metal Sunglasses essentially utilize the same optical technology that other high-end brands likewise use. What sets the glasses from Ralph Lauren apart is its design – one which is regarded as sensible and wearable.

These types of glasses may be worn to any celebration, whether it be formal or informal, and they will never seem out of place. That’s practically how flexible the American design can be. These spectacles from the brand have been worn to the Oscars by several of the most classy celebrities. Even the royals frequently opt for Ralph Lauren for their Eyewear.
Reviews for these eyeglasses have been really good, and there are even some who state that Ralph Lauren glasses are the best possible purchase that people can make for their prescription eyeglasses. Considering how favored the company is all around the globe, RL glasses are somewhat inexpensive when compared to the other designer brands in the market.

For people who would like the best bargain for these eyeglasses, heading to your neighborhood Ralph Lauren shop is probably not the ideal thing to do. In London and many other areas of Great Britain, it could be better to consider Internet optical stores which frequently conduct auctions in addition to discounted sales of designer eyeglasses. Viewing various online shops can offer a reasonable knowledge of the cost of certain styles. This will also provide you with a greater selection from which to choose.

The brand’s stores usually only present the most recent designs, so you only get a modest selection if you go to take a look. It’s vital to keep in mind that there are a lot of knockoffs out there, though, so be sure you do an adequate study to make sure you don’t get duped.

Millen: Cool Dog

Basic Facts about best designer sunglasses

The skin is not the only part of the body at risk to the sun’s damaging rays. Your hair can get dry and brittle. Your eyes, if unprotected, can develop cataracts and other eye disorders. UV rays can damage the retina of your eyes, and since the harmful effects of radiation is cumulative, you can expect further damage the longer you expose your eyes unprotected under the sun. Macular degeneration can come out later in life and is said to be one of the leading causes of blindness in older adults.

Sunglasses are the most common, basic and relatively inexpensive accessory that can help shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Good sunglasses should be able to do the following tasks.

  • It should give ultraviolet rays protection. Choose a pair of sunglasses that can eliminate UV rays effectively.
  • It should be able to protect the eyes from intense light. Too much light can also damage the retina, and squinting can create deep forehead lines in the long run.
  • It should protect the eyes from glare. Polarization is used in sunglasses to eliminate glare. Bright reflective lights can produce glare that can distract you and risk running an accident.
  • It should be able to eliminate certain light frequencies. Some light frequencies are bad because it can blur vision; others can do more advantage by enhancing contrast. Choose what would work best on specific activities.

Aside from being manufactured in a wide range of shapes, colors and designs, there are also different types of sunglasses made to fit many activities, lifestyles and daily routines of different individuals.

Prescription Sunglasses -as the name entails, these are sunglasses with lenses that are built with a person’s own corrective prescription. It enables a person to see clearly while protecting their eyes from glare and ultraviolet rays.

Polarized Sunglasses-these types of sunglasses help individuals who spend most of their activities near bodies of water, snow and other surfaces that can produce reflections and glare. Polarized sunglasses are more expensive than traditional ones, but they are highly favored by divers, swimmers, drivers, bikers and other sports athletes.

Photo chromatic Sunglasses-also called transitional lenses; the lenses in these glasses are composed of glass, plastic and polycarbonate. The lenses tend to darken when they are exposed to glare-producing UV rays. These types of sunglasses are good in promoting healthy vision since they are capable of adjusting to different light forms.

Mirrored Sunglasses-also known as the “cop shades” because of its popularity among police men, these sunglasses are made up of reflective coating that creates a mirror-like finish. Although it can block certain amount of light, mirrored sunglasses are not made to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Sunglasses aside from being an indispensable accessory for your eyes can also play a role in presenting your style. The use of sunglasses has developed into a fashion symbol, and more people are becoming brand specific in choosing their glasses. Remember that though these brands do offer high quality sunglasses, you can still get the same quality from standard brands.


Why are Oakley Sunglasses so Great? – Part 1: Stress Test

The Best Tom Ford Sunglasses

Each of us possesses individual personality and choices in so many things; and that includes choosing of the appropriate and high-quality sunglasses for our everyday convenience. Good to hear that a certain brand continues to innovate and develop new choices and models of sunglasses, and that is no other than tom ford sunglasses.

Below are the top of the lists tom ford sunglasses that you can choose from. Each has a unique and stylish appearance that will surely fit in to our preferences.
Tom ford Olympia 128 52J   Buy Now
– It is made up of a dark Havana acetate plastic lens which guarantees a 100% UV protection. It has a round cat eye- lens shape with a height of 51mm.
– Located in the temples is the featured logo of tom ford which is “T” in gold color.

Tom ford Olympia 128 01B  Buy Now
– Another model of tom ford sunglasses that is made up of plastic material with a glossy black acetate design.
– Has a round eye cat-shaped lens with a height of approximately 51mm.
– Have a protective shield of 100% UV ray protection and a letter “T” design as the brand logo of tom ford sunglasses.

Tom ford Whitney black 199  Buy Now
– Has an exceptional butterfly frame shape with a black lens. The unique crossover fashion of tom ford whitney makes it to be one of the top picks of tom ford sunglasses in the market.
– Another good thing about tom ford whitney is that, it can be used in any types of occasion, gatherings because of its unique and stylish design.

Tom ford Charles Caramel 772  Buy Now
– This aviator type of frame has a brown-colored lens which is ideally for everyday use.
– The cream frame color of this tom ford sunglass matches the authentic style of tom ford unique brands.
– This type of sunglass is recommended in persons with oblong and oval-face shape.

Tom ford Cary Black OB5  Buy Now
– Has a stylish wayfarer frame shape with brown lens color.
– This classic and luxury style of tom ford sunglass gives every person wearing an extremely and exciting look in everyday use.
– Typically, tom ford Cary black is advised in individuals with diamond and heart-face shape.

The above mentioned are just samples of tom ford sunglasses collection. By looking in their features, you can choose what sunglass will fit in to your choice. One thing is for sure, selecting this brand is really worth it.

Guess-GU6325 Aviator-Style (Men’s) Sunglasses

Guess GU6325 Aviator Style Mens SunglassesIf you’re looking for the best and most stylish sunglasses that you can ever find in the market, it would be a good investment for you to get a hold of the aviator style sunglasses for men from Guess. It has all the great features that you would expect from the company’s other products from the same line.

Some of these features include a sturdy metal frame, gradient, non-polarized lenses and many more. You certainly enjoy using this because of the sleekness and different styles that the product line has to offer you.

Guess GU6325 Aviator Style Mens Sunglasses

So if you really want to add the “cool” factor to your wardrobe whether it would be used for going out for a casual night with friends or for a day at the beach, this in the pair of sunglasses that will surely do the trick. Do not hesitate to visit us at Amazon to get more details regarding this awesome pair of sunglasses that will definitely give you your much needed edge.


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